Father's Day Gift Guide 2023

Father's Day is just around the corner! Shopping for dads can be tough, so we have compiled a list of our favorite gifts that are sure to be a hit this Father's Day.

For the wine-loving dad:

Wood box with popcorn, pistachios, apple cider caramels, a macadamia bar, orange crisps, and wine

California Wine and Snacks

This delectable box includes a bottle of Rangeland Cabernet Sauvignon. Filled with notes of notes of black currant, cherry, bay leaves, cedar, and fig, this is a perfect gift for a wine connoisseur. In addition to the cabernet, this wooden box is filled with tasty snacks, such as popcorn and pistachios. Shop California Wine and Snacks Gift Box.

For the dad who snacks:

Crate with almonds, walnuts, popcorn, cookies, a snack mix, crackers and tapenade

Golden State Gift Basket

This awesome basket is overflowing with irresistible snacks and treats. From nuts to popcorn and cookies, this basket has all of the bases covered to satisfy any dad's cravings. To top it off, all of these tasty treats are made right here in the Golden State. Shop Golden State Gift Basket.

For the gourmet dad:

Basket with oil, vinegar, pistachios, almonds, soup, and napkins

A Taste of Santa Barbara Gift Basket

This basket is perfect for the dad who enjoys being the chef in the kitchen. This basket includes a bottle of olive oil and a bottle of fig balsamic that add the perfect finishing touch to any dish. A delicious herb dipping oil and a Santa Barbara Soup for a quick and simple, yet exquisite dinner is also included. Shop A Taste of Santa Barbara Gift Basket.

For the surfer dad:

small surf board shaped cutting board on a table

Small Fish Surf Cutting Board

This cutting board is the perfect gift for any dad who likes to fish, surf, cook, or all of the above! These boards are handcrafted from natural recycled or reclaimed hardwood so each one is unique. These cutting boards can stand up to everyday use or be used as decor to put the finishing touch on a coastal kitchen. Small Fish Surf Cutting Board.

For the dad who loves road trips:

Book with image of Big Sur and Title: Coastal California

Coastal California: The Pacific Coast Highway and Beyond

Filled with beautiful imagery and fascinating insight into the landscape of California's incredible coastline, this will make any dad start planning the next family road trip. California's Highway 1 is one of the most beautiful drives you can take and is rated one of the best road trip routes in the world. This book is sure to inspire the whole family to visit. Shop Coastal California: The Pacific Highway and Beyond.

For the dad who loves to write:

Small leather journal open showing lined pages

Koda Journal Cover

If your dad is constantly making lists, notes, or jotting down ideas, then this will be his new favorite notebook. This is a gift made to last a lifetime with Moleskin journal insert refills available. These Parker Clay journals are made of leather from local, sustainable ranchers in Ethiopia. Shop Koda Journal Cover.

For the frequent-flying dad:

Brown leather luggage tag on white background

805 Luggage Tag

If you have a dad who is always traveling then this will make for a great present this Father's Day. Made with sustainable leather, this luggage tag by Parker Clay is sleek, sustainable, and functional. This tag will remain secure on your bag whether you're headed across the state or the world. Shop 805 luggage tag.

For the luxurious dad:

Small brown pump bottle with blue label

Salty Aftershave and Astringent

This luxurious aftershave will become essential for any dad who tries it. This aftershave is made by infusing rum with spices and wildcrafted California bay laurel for one month, then straining and combining with soothing aloe vera for a grooming multi-tasker that can be used as an aftershave and toner while leaving behind that classic bay rum scent. Shop Salty Aftershave and Astringent.

 Happy Father's Day card with a sailboat on water image

Father's Day Cards

Complete your gift with the perfect Father's Day card. Handwritten cards can be the most meaningful part of a gift. Whether you plan on writing the message yourself or want us to write it before we ship the special gift, you'll find the perfect card in our complete Father's Day Card collection.


1. California Wine and Snacks Gift Box

2. Golden State Gift Basket

3. A Taste of Santa Barbara Gift Basket

4. Small Fish Surf Cutting Board

5. Coastal California: The Pacific Coast Highway and Beyond

6. Koda Journal Cover

7. 805 Luggage Tag

8. Salty Aftershave and Astringent

9. Father's Day Cards