We are proud to announce that we are now a California Certified Green Business and the ONLY business of our kind to earn the certification in the ENTIRETY of California. How are we different? 

We have incorporated sustainability as a core value of our business at all levels. We are making a broad commitment to remove plastic from our gift presentation. Alternatives exist that are more beautiful, and more importantly, less wasteful!

Santa Barbara Company Women-Owned Green Certified Graphic

Our Sustainability Commitment
  • All of our gift packaging is plastic free
  • Our wood boxes are made in the USA with FSC-certified, sustainably-harvested wood
  • Our gifts are hand-packed by our small team in downtown Santa Barbara with exclusively reclaimed or biodegradable packing material
  • We reuse whenever we can - that includes all incoming packing material that is clean and sufficiently protective, such as bubble wrap, boxes, etc.
  • We use no toxic flower foam, instead using chicken wire to provide structure for our beautiful flower arrangements

We are purchasing sustainably at every level and reducing consumption where possible. We are constantly evolving our techniques for keeping our unboxing beautiful and sustainable.

Our flowers are 100 percent local for the majority of the year and most are sourced from growers using organic practices. Most of our deliveries come in buckets that we clean and return to the farmer without plastic. We do not use floral foam and are constantly innovating to reduce waste. 

Plastic in product packaging serves a valuable purpose. It keeps food fresh longer and it is an accessible packaging method for producers working in small batches. We are working with our suppliers to evaluate alternatives and will continue to move towards removing plastic from all levels of the gift when possible. We are also working towards becoming completely carbon neutral by the end of 2021!

We believe that gifts should contribute to the kind of world we all want to live in. Our approach to gifting supports small businesses, our local community, and ethical producers worldwide, and we're so happy you're along for this journey with us.