Our Three Greatest Fiesta Loves

by Courtney Dietz July 31, 2014


Old Spanish Days Fiesta is an annual celebration of our city's heritage and pioneers. There are a lot of things to love about this festival, but we have highlighted a few of the best reasons to love Fiesta.

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Apricots Abound

by Courtney Dietz July 11, 2014


Sometimes they are tiny, not even as big as a gumball or a large cherry tomato. Other times you find them when them when they are slightly larger, giving you two, maybe three bites at most. 

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Favorite's List Round-up #2! Handlebar Coffee, Alacrity and Other Favorites.

by Caroline Law July 03, 2014

It seems funny that Summer Solstice comes so early in the summer and yet it marks the longest day of the year. Doesn't it feel like August nights are longer than June nights?

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5 Reasons Not to Miss Summer Solstice in Santa Barbara

by Courtney Dietz June 17, 2014

Santa Barbara loves a parade (or two or three) but our Summer Solstice Celebration is a local's favorite not to be missed. Check out the reasons we think it's a one of kind affair.

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August: Bountiful Summer Produce!

by Courtney Dietz August 15, 2013

Melons. Basil. Strawberries. Tomatoes. This is the peak of summer eating.


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Fiesta: Old Spanish Days

by Courtney Dietz August 03, 2013


Fiesta Parade

True to its roots, the celebration of Old Spanish Days continues to attract droves of summer-time tourists to our festive city. Fiesta (as it is locally called) dates back to an organic gathering during California’s rancho period in the mid-1800s. Santa Barbara continued the tradition officially in 1924 with the 1st Historical Parade, which continues to be the largest equestrian parade in the country.

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June Gloom: Early Summer Fog in Santa Barbara

by philajane@gmail.com June 06, 2013

Summer comes to Santa Barbara, not with stifling heat or enervating humidity, but with gentle ocean fogs. Though fog can visit the Santa Barbara coast in any season, it is most abundant in May and June when it advances down the channel between the mainland and the offshore islands. June gloom in Santa Barbara can make it a dreary month of gray.

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