Ysidro Grapefruit Sake Spritz

$ 7.75

Ysidro is a refreshing and complex sparkling cocktail. It is the perfect reminder to slow down, find balance, and enjoy the simple pleasures that make life beautiful. 

Elegant and flavorful Junmai Ginjo sake forms the base of our spritz, balanced with organic pink grapefruit and sea salt, and lightly carbonated.

The story of YSIDRO began in 2020 at Miramar beach in Montecito, CA, where friends Alex and Seth frequently crossed paths heading in and out of the surf. They shared a newfound focus on friends, family, and the acknowledgement that life is sometimes at its best when it’s most simple. YSIDRO complements that growing recognition with a drink to be shared and enjoyed by those in search of a similar balance.

Alcohol content: 6.9% 

Volume 8.4oz


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