Om Chanti Rose Oil Face Cream

$ 45
A clean and deeply moisturizing solution to dry, stressed, postpartum, or sun damaged skin, our signature Rose Oil Face Cream is crafted with just six premium plant-based ingredients that nourish and repair the skin.

Intensely hydrating yet fast absorbing, our signature face cream is high in antioxidants and vitamins A, C, D and E to revitalize your skin and give you that dewy glow.

Rose Oil Face Cream can be used as a day or night cream: Use for day time to keep your skin fully moisturized and dewey all day long, and as a night cream to ensure your skin stays hydrated while you sleep. Also works beautifully as a lip balm for plump hydrated lips.

Use daily for soft supple skin on any skin type. With just 6 organic ingredients, you know exactly what you’re getting and why:

Ingredient List:
Beeswax: A natural and nourishing buffer against environmental toxins.
Olive Oil: This perennial beauty oil has stood the test of time and is one the most emollient moisturizers found in nature.
Rosehip Seed Oil: One of nature’s highest sources of Vitamin C for the skin! Supports the reduction of fine lines, accelerates the production of collagen and supports cell regeneration.
Vitamin E Oil: The most effective natural ingredient for repairing and moisturizing the skin.
Rose Water: Hydrates the skin while also acting as a natural toner and supports redness-reduction.
Rose Essential Oil: Offers a lovely fragrance and helps reduce blemishes and brighten the complexion.
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