The Santa Barbara Company is so proud to bring you this exclusive collection of inspired coastal sea glass jewelry from local designer Jules by the Sea.
For centuries, people have sent their hopes and dreams out to sea as a “message in a bottle” with the hope that the mystical power of the ocean would grant their wishes! This Santa Barbara sea glass has traveled through time to become treasured sea jewels that embody those hopes and dreams. 
Photo by Bill Zeldis


Each piece of sea glass is hand-selected from Santa Barbara's beautiful beaches and wrapped with sterling silver or 14 karat gold-filled wire. We think this collection is the perfect way to keep a piece of the beautiful California coast with you. They are perfect bridesmaids gifts for a beach-inspired wedding! 
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Golden Treasure Sea Glass Bracelet


Mod Merlady Necklace

Sea Foam Glass Necklace

Sea Glass Beach Earrings

Custom Sea Glass Ring

Leather Sea Glass Necklace