Summer Sunset Soirée

soirée (noun) - an elegant evening gathering, usually hosted at someone's home; derived from the French word soir (sunset)
Soirée dinner party spread on an elegant tablecloth.

As summer comes to a close, we are basking in every last warm evening and gazing at our picturesque summer sunsets. And what better way to bask in in our last few weeks of summer sunsets than by gathering with friends and sharing good food?

Dare we say....  A SUMMER SOIRÉE?! 

Hosting a summer soirée doesn't need to be complicated - all it takes is a welcoming environment (preferably outside), delicious food, good company and a few finishing touches to create an elegant experience. 

Keep reading to discover our SB Co. dinner party favorites ↓



California crafted Mediterranean herb dipping oil alongside rustic baked bread.

Bursting with fresh flavors of basil, oregano, and rosemary... our California Crafted Mediterranean Herb Dipping Oil is a crowd favorite alongside fresh-baked bread!


Oragnic pitted herb green olives alongside charcuterie board staples including jam, salami, & grapes.

Tucked into an array of charcuterie board staples including jam, grapes, and Alle-Pia Fine Salami is our CA Herb Green Olives! Our olives are grown on an organic ranch along the beautiful Santa Barbara coastline! They are hand-picked and hand-packed along with California grown herbs. 


Assortment of chocolates and cookies.

Chocolate covered nuts, shortbread cookies and creme blood orange crisps - oh my! Top off the dessert section with small sweet treats to please each & every party guest. 


Artichoke parmesan tapenade on a wood board

Paired with crackers, our Artichoke & Parmesan Tapenade is bursting with the sweet nutty flavor of California grown artichokes & creamy parmesan cheese. 

Invited to a soirée? Don't show up empty handed.

Invited to a dinner party yourself? Treat your host to something thoughtful. A simple host gift such as a bottle of wine, decorative coasters, or even just a few sachets of their favorite tea can go a long way! 

Santa Barbara wine bottles