Our Favorite California Candles

Searching for the perfect California candle? Here at Santa Barbara Company, we have curated a selection of candles that are inspired by the beautiful Golden State. Our team hand-pours all of our candles in small batches, ensuring each one meets our high standards. Our candles are made from premium plant-based soy wax and clean-burning fragrances. To top it off, each label on our candles is designed by our team members and printed on 100% post-consumer paper! These candles are perfect as a gift by themselves or added to a gift basket. 

Candle in a ceramic cup with a blue stripe and tag tied around it.

Coast Ceramic Candle 

Our Coast Candle comes in a beautiful ceramic cup. Notes of citrus, sea salt, and ozone perfectly complement the floral notes of jasmine, lilac, and orange blossom. Inspired by California's vast coastline, this candle will make you feel like you're oceanside. Shop Coast Ceramic Candle.

Small white ceramic candle sitting in sand with a tag tied around it.

Tide Ceramic Candle

Like our Coast Candle, Tide also comes in a reusable ceramic pot. This elegant and minimalist candle has notes of lemon, orange, fresh ozone, and sea salt, which layer exquisitely with its woody base. Our Tide Candle is reminiscent of waves crashing against sea cliffs. You'll feel like you're standing on a bluff, looking at a distant storm every time you light this candle. Shop Tide Ceramic Candle.

 Blue candle jar sitting on the beach.

California Dreamin 9oz Candle

The sandy beaches, lush palm trees, and beautiful sunshine can make California feel like a dream. We wanted to encapsulate that feeling so we created our largest candle, California Dreamin. This is also one of our most sustainable candles as it is made with 100% recycled glass. Filled with notes of melon, coconut, flowers, and a hint of sandalwood, this candle will teleport you right into the sand and give any home a coastal feel. Shop California Dreamin 9oz Candle.

Small gold candle tin in front of flowers.

Ojai Travel Candle

All of our travel candles come in 3oz tins, equipped with a lid that makes them perfect for traveling! Though they may seem small, they are mighty as they have 12-15 hours of burn time. Our Ojai Candle is influenced by the cascading pink glow on Ojai's mountains at sunset. This candle has fragrances of pomegranate, rosemary, sage, and cider, that pair wonderfully with its woody base. The complex scent of this candle will make you feel like you're standing at the base of the bright pink mountains. Shop Ojai Travel Candle.

Small silver candle tin sitting on the beach. 

Miramar Beach Travel Candle

Our Miramar Beach Travel Candle holds the essence of luxury. This Candle is inspired by the extravagant resorts and spas that are scattered throughout the state, particularly those in Montecito, on Miramar Beach. The aromas of cardamom, orange peel, and rich sea salt sit atop notes of palm and amber. Shop Miramar Beach Travel Candle. 

Small gold candle tin sitting on the beach.

California Travel Candle

Our signature California Travel Candle is inspired by the many regions of California, from the deserts, to the orchards, to the ocean waves. This candle boasts fragrances of citrus and agave as well as notes of patchouli and florals with a touch of woodiness. These aromas meld together, creating a deep and sophisticated scent. Take a piece of California everywhere you go with this travel candle. Shop California Travel Candle.

Candle in amber glass cup sitting in front of a plant in sunshine

California 7oz Glass Candle

If you can't get enough of our California Travel Candles, then this 7oz version is exactly what you need. You get the same amazing scent but in our larger, elegant, amber glass cups. Shop California 7oz Glass Candle.

 Small gold candle tin sitting in a marble table

Lavender Travel Candle

You can find lavender farms all over California, especially in Northern California and the Central Coast. People all over the state travel to see these lush fields of lavender during their small bloom period. In addition to lavender, this candle also includes notes of eucalyptus, camphor, sage, and other herbs to create a more refined aroma. You will be transported right into these fields when this candle is lit. Shop Lavender Travel Candle.

 Candle in frosted green vessel sitting in front of a plant in the sunshine

Lavender 7oz Glass Candle

Our Lavender 7oz Glass Candles boast the same lovely scent as our travel candles. This candle is perfect for any lavender fan as it is much bigger than our travel candle size and comes in a classic frosted green glass cup. Shop Lavender 7oz Glass Candle.

Two candles in gold tins on a marble table, one without a lid

Wine Country Travel Candle

It's hard to picture California without its expansive vineyards that are spread throughout the state. This is why we created our newest candle, Wine Country! Notes of citrus and berry meld together with cardamom, violet, and jasmine to create a sophisticated scent reminiscent of a fresh glass of merlot. Shop Wine Country Travel Candle.

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