Easy & Elegant No-Cook Appetizers to Bring to Your Holiday Party

The invitations for holiday parties are slowly creeping in, and the age old question of "What should I bring?!" still rings true. Instead of scouring the web for recipes, or telling yourself this is the year you finally create an elaborate baked good, opt for easy no-cook appetizers to delight every guest at the table!

Browse our list of sweet treats, savory snacks and out-of-the-box drink options to take the stress out of your next holiday party prep so you can focus on the things that matter most: spending quality time with loved ones!

Crackers & Spreads

This signature tapenade duo paired with Rustic Bakery crackers is the ultimate crowd pleaser! Our creamy Artichoke & Parmesan Tapenade is a rich spread bursting with the sweet nutty flavor of California grown artichokes and creamy parmesan cheese. Alongside our Kalamata & Caper Tapenade, this vegan favorite is bursting with flavors of California grown kalamata olives and bright capers. Both paired with classic Rustic Bakery Sourdough Flatbread Crackers, this pairing can be brought as is or used as the base for an upscale cheese board!

Rustic bakery crackers paired with 2 tapenades

Kalamata and caper tapenade, alongside Artichoke and parmesan tapenade

Jessica Foster Confections

Any Santa Barbara local knows just how delicious Jessica Foster Confections treats are! And for our non-locals, no worries, you can order them directly from our website to enjoy anywhere in the U.S. Jessica's carefully crafted chocolates, truffles, caramels and other delights are produced right here in Santa Barbara. One of our longest standing vendors, Jessica continues to develop new, enticingly exotic and succulent truffles with rich, inspired flavors. 

Delight your host with a box of truffles, or pair with other sweet treats to create a unique dessert platter that will surely impress every guest. 

Jessica Foster Confections truffle assortment

Gourmet Grazing Snacks 

This may be the easiest appetizer you can bring to your next holiday party, but also the biggest crowd pleaser! Santa Barbara Pistachios are made locally right here in Santa Barbara County, in Cuyama Valley. SB Pistachios are one of our best-sellers for a reason... the unique flavors offered as well as their savory crunch make for a perfect grazing snack! Pair a few flavors together, or pick one flavor and pair with Santa Barbara Popcorn to create an immaculate snack plate. 

Santa Barbara Pistachios in multiple flavors, paired with artisanal SB popcorn

Goat Gouda & Alle-Pia Salami

There's a reason why salami and cheese is such a popular duo, and our Goat Gouda is an exceptional cheese locally sourced from Central Coast Creamery right up the road in Paso Robles. This gouda is made in a unique wheel form instead of a standard cheddar block. Paired with Alle-Pia Fine Salami - also made on California's central coast by an Italian chef. Bringing these to your next holiday party will surely wow any cheese connoisseurs at the table!

Goat gouda & Alle-pia fine salami

Cocktails & Mocktails

California Orange Crisps

Make any drink snazzy by pairing it with Dardiman's Orange Crisps as a topper! Whip up a citrus inspired cocktail, or keep things simple and pair these delicious crisps with a pale ale to elevate the experience. Pro tip: go above and beyond and use mini clothespins to attach a crisp to the rim of your glass!

Dardiman's orange crisps

Elderflower Syrup Cocktails

Elderflowers have a delicate, subtly floral bouquet with citrus and vanilla notes. Exclusively made with Monterey County elderflowers and Meyer lemons sourced from Big Sur, this delightful Elderflower Syrup is truly a taste of our extraordinary regional landscape. Mix it in with raspberries to create an elegant Raspberry & Elderflower Martini, or even throw a splash into your favorite gin + tonic recipe to make it a bit more refreshing!

Elderflower syrup in a carefully crafted cocktail

Happy Holidays!