Artist Spotlight: Karin Shelton

Iconic Santa Barbara structures, dreamy beach scenes and unforgettable sunsets are pieces of inspiration for Santa Barbara based artist Karin Shelton. Karin is a well-known artist in the community, and can usually be found painting in her garden studio. Her work consists of a variety of media including watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oil, and more. Keep reading to learn more about Shelton's work and her involvement in the Santa Barbara!


Karin Shelton Aloe Print outdoors
Karin's ability to capture every piece of Santa Barbara in her art is what draws us to her work. Additionally, her soft & wispy way of painting catches the eye of everyone who walks into our shop! 

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Karin Shelton boxed notecards on display in SB Co shop
Take home a piece of Karin's art - or better yet, surprise a loved one! Karin's notecard sets & individual notecards are some of our best sellers here at SB Co. From her garden scenes to Santa Barbara beaches, each notecard collection is a curated set from the artist herself.
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SB Co. & The Shelton Family

The entire Shelton family has made an impact on the Santa Barbara Company! Karin's daughter Elena actually helps package orders at our shop during the holiday season - our busiest time of the year! 
Karin is also married to Jeff Shelton, one of Santa Barbara's most well-known architects. Jeff has not only made his mark on Santa Barbara - he designed & created our very own Santa Barbara Company sign! This funky piece landed us the Santa Barbara Beautiful Best Commercial Sign Property Award in 2015, and his sign continues to catch the eye of everyone who comes to visit our storefront.
Jeff Shelton designed storefront pillar
And finally, we can all experience a piece of Jeff's creativity! In Jeff's new book The Fig District: Some Buildings in Downtown Santa Barbara, he uncovers blueprints, stories and his thought process behind his iconic downtown Santa Barbara buildings.
Jeff shelton Fig Distrct book and architectural drawings/sketches
Jeff Shelton Fig District sketches
Jeff Shelton Ablitt House sketches 
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