10 Great Vegan California Wines

Did you know that many wines aren't vegan? While the main ingredients of wine are vegan, often during the clarification process called fining, animal byproducts are used. It is becoming increasingly common for wineries to accomplish this process without adding animal byproducts, keeping their wines vegan. Here we have curated a list of delicious California wines that are 100% vegan!

You can add any of these bottles to one of our existing gifts, curate your own gift basket, or snag a few bottles for yourself. 

Just a reminder: you must be 21+ to purchase or receive wine. 

Bottle of Spear's Syrah on a white background

1. Spear Winery Estate Syrah

Both vegan and certified organic, this 25% Whole Cluster Syrah has tasting notes of black cherry, black olive, white pepper, blackberry, currant, and elderberry. Rich and smooth, this is the perfect gift for the red wine lover in your life. Shop Spear Winery Estate Syrah.

A bottle of Stolpman's estate Rosé next to a full wine glass on a white background

2. Stolpman Estate Rosé

If you've been on the hunt for a zesty and crisp rosé, then you've found it right here. Stolpman's 2021 Estate Rosé is a blend of Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah. This wine is bursting with floral and citrus aromas as well as bright, energetic flavors. Shop Stolpman Estate Rosé.

A bottle of Domaine Carneros's brut sparkling wine against a white background

3. Domaine Carneros Estate Brut Sparking Wine

This delicious sparkling wine is the perfect gift for any celebration. The essence of macadamia nut, baked apple, and shortbread, perfectly complement the aromas of green apple, honeydew, pear, and lemon zest with a touch of toasted bread. Shop Domaine Carneros Estate Brut Sparkling Wine.

Bottle of Riverbench Brut Rosé against a marbled background

 4. Riverbench Brut Rosé

This Brut Rosé has incredibly fine bubbles with flavors of meringue, marzipan, and raspberries. Lightly perfumed with aromas of orange blossom and a hint of rosewater, this Rosé is the perfect gift for anyone who loves bubbly rosé. Shop Riverbench Brut Rosé.

Bottle of Margerum's M5 rhrone blend on a table with wines glasses and vines behind it

 5. Margerum M5 Rhone Blend

M5 is Margerum's Flagship wine and is modeled after top wines from southern Rhône. This wine gets its name from the M in Margerum and the 5 different grapes that are used to make it: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Cinsault, and Counoise. This wine has hints of jam, cocoa, and dark berry, making it incredibly versatile and a great gift. Shop Margerum M5 Rhone Blend

If you're interested in this style but prefer white wine, then be sure to check out Margerum's M5 White Blend. It contains a mix of Grenache Blanc, Marsanne, Roussanne, Viognier, and Picpoul Blanc grapes. You'll be sure to love the bright flavors of apple and peach nectar.

Small bottle of Margerum's Riviera Rosé against a white background

6. Margerum Riviera Rosé -375ML

This petite bottle of Rosé is the sweetest gesture either by itself or added to a small gift box! Produced in small batches, the Riviera Rosé is dry and crisp on the palate and its fruit is balanced with some mouth-watering acidity. Shop Margerum Riviera Rosé.

A bottle of Spear's Chardonay on a white background

7. Spear Winery Estate Chardonnay

If you're looking for the perfect Chardonnay to give someone special then look no further. This estate Chardonnay is from Spear's Gnesa vineyard. This wine was aged in stainless steel tanks and has aromas of bright citrus like lemon blossoms, tangerine, and grapefruit as well as tasting notes of dragonfruit, jasmine, and lychee. Shop Spear Winery Estate Chardonnay.

Bottle of Summer Somewhere Rosé against a white background

8. Summer Somewhere Rosé

This delectable mix of Grenache and Cinsault will make whoever you gift it to feel like they're on a coastal getaway. Experience notes of jasmine, honeydew, peach, apricot, strawberry dream, berry tea, and cashmere smoothness in every glass. Shop Summer Somewhere Rosé.

Bottle of Riverbench Blanc de Blanc sparking wine against a white background

9. Riverbench Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Wine

This delightful Champagne-Style sparkling wine has notes of golden apple and a hint of citrus that meld with its buttery and yeasty brioche finish. This sparkling wine is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a bit of bubbly. Shop Riverbench Blanc de Blanc Sparkling Wine.

A bottle of Summer Somewhere Pinot Noir against a white background

10. Summer Somewhere Pinot Noir

This pinot noir is perfect for anyone who loves charcuterie as it makes for the perfect pairing. Flavors of wild cherry, red currant, red licorice, and baker spice dance on the palate along with hints of tannins and balanced acidity. Shop Summer Somewhere Pinot Noir.

Whether you have been on the hunt for a delicious vegan wine for yourself, or someone else, this list is where you'll find it.


1. Spear Winery Estate Syrah

2. Stolpman Estate Rosé

3. Domaine Carneros Estate Brut Sparkling Wine

4. Riverbench Brut Rosé

5. Margerum M5 Rhone Blend

6. Margerum Riviera Rosé

7. Spear Winery Estate Chardonay

8. Summer Somewhere Rosé

9. Riverbench Blanc De Blanc Sparkling Wine

10. Summer Somewhere Pinot Noir