Sweet + Savory Gift Box

Incredible artisan products crafted with pure and indulgent ingredients. Crunchy buttery cookies, organic and raw cacao truffle bars, perfectly roasted pistachios, remarkably smooth organic almond butter and more! 

Each baltic birch wood gift box comes with a lid and is tied up with ribbon or string. Card is not included.

Vanilla Speculoos | Little Belgians
Macadamia Chocolate | YES Bar
Strawberry Coconut | YES Bar
Coracao Confections Fudge Chocolate Truffle Bar with Organic Raw Cacao*
Coracao Confections Caramel Truffle Bar with Organic Raw Cacao*
Chocolate Dusted Caramelized Almonds | Jessica Foster Confections
Lemon Zing Santa Barbara Organic Pistachios
Salted Santa Barbara Organic Pistachios
Chocolate + Hazelnut Butter from Askinosie Chocolate (not pictured)
72% Peru Dark Chocolate (#5 on a NY Times Taste Test of the best bean to bar chocolate) | Nathan Miller | Pennsylvania*
Organic and Fair trade Dark Chocolate Trio | twenty-four blackbirds*

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