Small Batch Tonic

A remedy for the high-fructose corn syrup laden synthetic tonic waters on the market. This artisan small batch tonic is perfect mixed with a little sparkling water, and, of course, gin.

At one time, tonicåÊwas aåÊremedy for malaria made from quinine, from theåÊbark of the cinchona tree. In the 1800's, British soldiers beganåÊaddingåÊsugar andåÊgin to their anti-malarial quinine medicine. Today, however most commercial tonic water is full of high-fructose corn syrup and synthetic flavors.åÊ

Not so withåÊJack Rudy's Small Batch Tonic. Equal to even the greatest gin and at home in a connoisseur's cabinet. It's a quinine concentrate with a hint of lemongrass and orange peel for complex and all natural flavor. åÊ

Made in Charleston, South Carolina. 17 oz.


Category: Food + Kitchen, Gluten-Free

Type: Cocktails + Syrups