Seascape Cheese - Local Delivery Only

Available for local delivery only

Crafted with milk sourced from Cuyama Dairy in Santa Barbara County, this semi-hard California cheddar-style cheese has a slightly crumbly texture and a complex tanginess. It's crafted with cow and goat milk. The subtle addition of goat's milk lends it a pleasant mild tanginess, while the cow's milk offers undertones of butter and caramel.

Made with milk free of the growth hormone rBST.

2015 - United States Cheese Championship - 3rd Place Award
2012 - World Cheese Contest - Best of Class

Salty and tangy, this firm little cow-goat blend out of Paso Robles lingers on your tongue in a wash of luscious fat. For me, Seascape is meaty above all else, with a bold manliness that makes me think of afternoons spent grilling medium-rare trip tips while munching on olive oil crackers. There's a breathy sweetness on the followup, too, making this a sure-fire winner for anyone who wants a cheese that pleases without being a tease.

Serious Eats. Stephanie Stiavetti. 


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