Ranchos: Santa Barbara Land Grant Ranchos

Published by the Easton Gallery in 1996, Ranchos takes you on a trip through Santa Barbara's Mexican land grant ranchos. A collaboration between local painters, historians and the Easton Gallery, the project set out to paint Santa Barbara county's historical and beautiful ranches. The result, this book, includes brands from the nineteenth century, photographs, sketches and the incredible paintings of ranch houses and landscapes created for the project.

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Artists of the Ranch Project: Joseph Areno, Phoebe Brunner, Arturo Tello, Marcia Burtt, Meredith Abbott, Bjorn Rye, Hank Pitcher, Patty Look Lewis, John Iwerks, Rick Schloss, Bill Dewey, Michael Drury, Ray Strong, Larry Iwerks, Reef and John Comer, Glenna Hartmann, Whitney Brooks Abbott, Karen Foster, William Foster, Donald Archer, Joellyn Duesberry.


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