Sweet Hots and Pickles Gift Basket

This custom gift crate includes our favorite artisan nuts and pickles! Pacific Pickle Works asparagus and green bean pickles are a tad spicy and remarkably delicious. They make great snacks, additions to wraps or sandwiches, and are wonderful in a Bloody Mary. Paso Almonds Sweet Hot Nuts are locally grown and roasted and are cherished from coast to coast. Santa Barbara Organic Pistachios are artisan crafted, brined with lemon and onion-garlic flavor and then hot air dried to preserve their nutritional value. 

The gift basket includes:

Asparagusto: Spicy Asparagus Pickles from Pacific Pickle Works

Jalabeanos: Spicy Green Bean Pickles from Pacific Pickle Works

Paso Almonds: Sweet Hots Chipotle Almonds

Santa Barbara Organic Pistachios: Lemon Zing

Santa Barbara Organic Pistachios: Onion & Garlic

All products are crafted in, and mostly grown on, California's Central Coast. 

This item may ship in a lidded gift box.

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