Organic Pistachio and Pickle Gift Basket

This gift crate includes our favorite artisan pistachios and pickles! Pacific Pickle Works' Bread and Buddhas cucumber pickles are a fresh take on bread and butter pickles, semi-sweet and tangy and sliced just right for sandwiches. Cukarambas are one of Pacific Pickle Works' original pickles crafted with dill, spices and bit of heat. Serve these quartered pickles up as a snack, alongside a sandwich or just straight from the jar. Santa Barbara Organic Pistachios are grown in Santa Barbara County. They are brined with lemon and onion garlic flavor instead of sprayed and then hot air dried to preserve their nutritional value.  Your recipient can sample our three most popular flavors!

The gift basket includes:

Bread and Buddhas: Sliced Cucumber Pickles from Pacific Pickle Works

Cukarambas: Spicy Pickles from Pacific Pickle Works

Santa Barbara Organic Pistachios: Lemon Zing

Santa Barbara Organic Pistachios: Salted

Santa Barbara Organic Pistachios: Onion & Garlic

All products are crafted in and primarily grown on, California's Central Coast. 

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