Mushroom Alchemy Seasoning & Rub

$ 16

Mushroom pixie dust featuring dried porcini, shiitake, morel and mousseron! Wine Forest's wild-harvested mushrooms are impeccably cleaned, dried and then milled and blended to create rich umami flavor. Just a tiny amount makes for culinary magic.

Here are a few suggested uses:

  • Toss vegetables (like potato or cauliflower) with olive oil and mushroom alchemy then roast.
  • Sprinkle into eggs while beating them, then scramble or make an omelet.
  • Season your steaks and chops of all sorts before roasting or grilling
  • Blend into melted butter to brush onto corn on the cob
  • Whisk into gravies, soups and stews for mushroom richness

Ingredients: dried mushrooms, natural sea salt, organic bay leaf, black peppercorn, granulated garlic and dried lemon peel. 

Wine Forest's mushrooms can be found at the finest California restaurants. Based in Napa, California. 

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