Modern Chai No. 3 Green Tea

Organic fairly-traded green jasmine tea leaves and hand-rolled pearls from Hubei, China form the soothing base of this fragrant chai blend.

This loose leaf chai requires no special equipment. Simmer 1/2 cup water & 1/2 cup of your favorite milk, two tablespoons of the tea blend and simmer five minutes. Strain, sweeten & enjoy.åÊ
Ingredients: Organic fair-trade jasmine green tea, organic jasmine pearls, organic cardamom, organic ginger, **tulsi, organic black pepper, organic nutmeg, organic vanilla (**cultivated without chemicals)
2 oz recyclable + compostable box with biodegradable cellulose liner from sustainably managed forests.


    Category: Coffee + Tea, Food + Kitchen, Vegan

    Type: Coffee + Tea