Formulario No 70 Azeite Aperfumado

$ 30

A luxurious locally crafted perfume from Rafael Adon.

Marinero: Inspired by Rafael Adón's sailing adventures in the Santa Barbara Channel, Marinero brings the invigorating brininess of the Pacific Ocean with an aquatic undercurrent. All Rafael's fragrances are formulated to be unisex. Perfume / cologne. 

Santa Barbara: Night Jasmine and Rain | Although it rarely rains in Santa Barbara, when it does there's nothing more reassuring than the scent of petrichor, the smell of rain, released from its slumber to mingle with the scent of night blooming jasmine, if only for a while, as they are carried aloft by the Pacific Ocean's breeze.

10ml stainless steel roll-on bottle for easy application.

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