Passionfruit Cacao Sparkling Beverage

$ 6

Droplet is a health + wellness company creating flavorful yet functional beverages. 

We don’t need more caffeine to tackle a long day, we need clarity and focus, a sense of calm, and little encouragement. As it turns out, this is the perfect job for adaptogens! Adaptogens are non-toxic, all natural herbs and botanicals that help the body regulate its response to stress.

This delicious beverage features Rhodiola to help your body focus and maintain energy levels without the jitters of caffeine. Cacao for mood-shifting, skin-improving, and brain-boosting flavonoids, a shot of Passion Fruit, used traditionally in many cultures to reduce anxiety (and recently found to improve skin hydration!), and vanilla, for its comforting vibe.

Woman & AAPI-owned business.

12 fl oz

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