Taste of Ojai Culinary Gift Box

This gift box delivers the flavors of Ojai with organic artisan products from the best sources. 

Basil Infused Ojai Olive Oil. This extra virgin olive oil is one of the highlights of this line of artisan olive oils from a family orchard in Ojai. Each bottle is crafted with sweet organic basil and hand-picked organic olives that are freshly milled, separated and filtered on the family ranch. Each bottle comes with a card describing Ojai Olive Oil's small scale biodynamic family olive production.

Small-batch hand blended culinary sea salt crafted with flavors chosen to capture Ojai, the rustic community just outside of Santa Barbara. Lavender culinary salt is a blend of French Sea Salt and Organic Lavender. It's incredible on chicken or sprinkled onto risotto. Wild Fennel French Grey Sea Salt is crafted certified organic pollen and roasted ground fennel seed. Each salt is packed into an adorable little weck jar with serious vintage appeal. These German canning jars have been around since 1900 and can be reused around your kitchen indefinitely. 


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