Gourmet Party Appetizer Gift Crate

Can't make it to the party? Send this gorgeous gift crate in your place! These amazing snacks deliver up a delicious and gourmet slice of California in a classy gift crate that rivals old-fashioned gift basket presentation.

Savory Three Cheese Coins from Rustic Bakery: Each batch highlights three delectable cheeses - French raclette, Fiscalini cheddar, and classic aged parmesan along with a kick of pepper flakes. 

Sea Salt & Olive Oil Santa Barbara Organic Popcorn 

Ranch Spice Agstandard Almonds

Onion-Garlic Organic Pistachios

Rosemary Organic Flaxseed Crackers (gluten-free & vegan): Crafted in small batches with flax seeds, quinoa flakes, rosemary, marjoram and basil.

Colombus Salame: Crafted with sweet fennel, fresh garlic and hormone free pork. This salame is aged up to 51 days.

Available for shipping or local hand delivery.

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