Santa Barbara Business + Client Gifts

Santa Barbara Business + Client Gifts



And receive gifts with wine.

Memorable local gifts from a local Santa Barbara business you can trust!

Our small team will work with you to make your organization's holiday gifting simple and seamless.

Our bungalow shop and headquarters hand-painted by local artist Karin Shelton.

Each gift is carefully assembled from our headquarters in downtown Santa Barbara and promptly shipped to your recipients with a hand-written note card (you can provide your own cards if you'd like). 

For 6 gifts or more, we can send you a link to complete payment for all the gifts at once. You can send us an email or spreadsheet with names and addresses of your recipients (a Google Sheet works great!). We will then add a new column with the tracking information for each recipient so you can keep an eye on all your gifts.  

We have worked with hundreds of organizations, from local startups to large organizations:

Have questions? Read our FAQ here or get in touch at!

Below are a few of our most popular choices for Santa Barbara gifts but the options are endless. 

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