Mountain Drive: Bohemian Community

An extraordinary community grew on the steep hillsides above Santa Barbara following World War II. The combination of a landscape of rare and rugged beauty and freedom from convention allowed the blossoming of a lifestyle that has become a legend. The beginnings of the hot-tubbing phenomenon, the Renaissance Faire, the revival of early music, crafts and pageantry—all mounted with a rowdy humor and uninhibited sexuality— the hallmark of Mountain Drive's contribution to the California dream.

In the pages of this classic book on the Mountain Drive bohemian community you will discover some of the families who flaunted the authority of the Cold War establishment and found a common bond on sun drenched slopes overlooking the Pacific Ocean. This is the true story of a diverse group who found themselves together in a nexus of change, and made their way to magic.

Author: Elias Chiacos

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Type: Guides/Tourism

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