19 Reasons Santa Barbara is So Good for the Soul

by Caroline Law August 06, 2015 1 Comment

There are plenty of reasons why Santa Barbara endears itself to visitors. Take your pick—it's getting to stroll down our grand palm lined Cabrillo Boulevard, hike into the purple mountains towering over the city, or sip your way through the wine tasting rooms in Santa Barbara's Funk Zone. Let's not forget the statistically significant odds that the weather will be fabulous.
Santa Barbara Channel Islands View // Blake Bronstad Photography

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Favorite's List Round-up #2! Handlebar Coffee, Alacrity and Other Favorites.

by Caroline Law July 03, 2014

It seems funny that Summer Solstice comes so early in the summer and yet it marks the longest day of the year. Doesn't it feel like August nights are longer than June nights?

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Santa Barbara Favorites List. Round-up #1!

by Caroline Law May 28, 2014

If your Memorial Day weekend was anything like mine, you're probably having difficulty shaking off the leisure and sheer glee of it all. Between hiking, biking, and leisurely sipping rosé on a Funk Zone Sunday, it was bliss. I ran into one of my oldest friends who has long since moved away while getting ice cream at the Santa Barbara Public Market (see #9) and developed a sunburn while doing #2 and #3. It was a perfect weekend— one so perfect that I've developed a lengthy new list of my favorite ways to revel in our beautiful city.

Photo by Leela Cyd

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