Celebrating Santa Barbara Fall + 6 Favorite Products!

My grandpa lives up the street from The Santa Barbara Company boutique and headquarters and strolls down almost every afternoon for exercise and good conversation. If you've visited us in the afternoon, you've probably encountered him relaxing in the store sharing stories with us. He's sensitive to cold and suffers through even our mildest Santa Barbara winters. I was hardly surprised then when he strolled in a few days ago, plopped down, and happily declared this fall to be the most wonderful he's experienced in his 86 or so years. 

And what a marvelous fall it has been! Though it has doubtless been too dry, the dearth of rain has made for lovely brisk morning hikes, late afternoon beach walks on Refugio and other northern beaches, and perfect evenings on outdoor patios from Armada to Zaytoon. While we're all busy hoping for a rainy winter to ease the drought, we might as well enjoy the clear skies and spend some time outdoors.

As fall deepens, we've been enjoying the best fall themed products being crafted by Santa Barbara's artists and artisans. There's something special about dressing up your fall breakfast with some artisan fall spiced spreads or luxuriating in a scrumptiously autumn bar of soap. Here's a short list of some of our favorite ways to celebrate what is arguably Santa Barbara's most enchanting season.

1. Pumpkin Pie Grapeseed Soap. $10. Lather up with this seasonal bar of soap from The Grapeseed Company, makers of one of Santa Barbara's most loved bars of soap. It's also a great gift for those pumpkin pie addicts, a group to which I unabashedly subscribe.



2. Sweet Lady Cook's Famous Apple Butter. Shop here, $12. Oh so cozy apple butter. From November to February, you'll find us slathering apple butter on thick slabs of hearty toast, cornbread, and just about everything else.

3. Persimmon Fruit. I love to mark the changing seasons by making slight shifts to my home decor and wall art. Particularly in Santa Barbara where the shifts in weather, plant and animal life are subtle, it's a brilliant way to remember to pause and appreciate the cooler temperatures and the ending of another year. This exceptional quality giclee print by beloved Santa Barbara artist Karin Shelton is one great way to celebrate Fall. The print is here in our shop and ranges from $32-$65.

4. Maple Spice Almond Butter. $14

Keep it exceptionally cozy with this fall spiced almond butter blend from the nut butter gurus at Rock Rose Provisions. It's outstanding slathered on toast or heaped onto apples. 

5. Rich Mahogany Wood Small Fish Surfboard Cutting Board $75 

The rich nature of mahogany wood makes it a natural for fall gatherings and centerpieces. The fun surfboard shape of this board keeps it consistent with Santa Barbara's irreverant beach vibe while the rich tone of the wood makes it properly seasonal. The mahogany wood, while perfect for use as a cheese board or appetizer platter, can be damaged by sharp chef's knives. If you'd like to use your cutting board for everyday chopping, we recommend selecting one of The Santa Barbara Cutting Board Company's maple wood varieties.

 6.  Cranberry Hazelnut Crisps. $6

We're so excited to welcome Potter's Crackers to our shop! These super crisp crackers are actually outstanding on their own, but are built to be paired with your favorite creamy cheese. This cranberry hazelnut crisp flavor will be making a regular appearance in our snack rotation and will be a centerpiece on hors d'oeuvres platters at gatherings. Plus, each bag of crisps comes in a cute reusable wooden berry basket and is stamped with "Delivering the Flavors of California." So charming.

Enjoy the rest of fall!